Appeal Procedures

Administrative Review Appeal Procedures

Administrative Review And Suspension Of Tenderers And Suppliers

Any tenderer that claims to have suffered, or that may suffer, loss or injury due to a breach of a duty imposed on a procuring entity by this Act or public procurement regulations, may seek review in accordance with section 47. A tenderer seeking review may be required to pay a fee, in accordance with public procurement regulations.

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Procedure for lodging a complaint against the procurement process

This procedure is used by Suppliers or Tenderers to properly lodge complaints on potential flaws withing a specific procurement process by public entities.

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The Rules Of Procedure For The Independent Review Committee (IRC)

The standard and simplified procedures for Administrative Review will ensure that the process is shortened so to assure applicants of speedy decisions. Similarly, the shorter the resolution of such disputes the healthier for the public procurement process as contract awards will not be delayed unnecessarily. The rules of procedure will ensure that quicker turn-around times are achieved in the resolution of disputes.

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