Our Strategy

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ESPPRA's Core Values


We maintain a positive attitude that focusses on the good while honouring our promises and commitments


We improve the way in which state enterprises and private sector in Eswatini engage with public procurement practice


We are effective and efficient in the way we deliver our services


We are straightforward and honest in all our professional and business dealings. We are an ethical public procurement regulator


We respect those that we work with and the contributions that they make


We maintain open communication channels within confidentiality limits

Background Information

Background to ESPPRA Strategy Development

It is a well-known fact that Strategies are the success or undoing of organisations. Between 70% and 75% of strategies fail. Not because they are bad strategies, but rather because they fail to galvanise the support of the people expected to follow through and implement on the strategic activities.

The reasons teams or individuals fail to galvanise behind the strategy is due to a number of facts, but the one we found in most cases relates to the ability to think strategically. In addition, strategy development processes are daunting and highly academic but hardly practical or inspiring.

The strategy process within the TPI curriculum starts with mind setting. Part of the mind setting piece involved a half-day immersion in the principles that equip individuals to think “outside of the box”. By using an open and constructive DIOLOG™ process, breakthrough occurs in thought and in results. These challenging questions are crucial in fostering the vigorous debate we need to ‘unstick’ our thinking and cause breakthrough.

‘Busyness’ is the endemic condition within most organizations. ‘Busyness’ is the virus we all catch by default, as the pace of organizational life increases relentlessly. To move from ‘Busyness’ to ‘Business’ we need to be equally relentless in clarifying WHAT we are here for and WHO most needs the precious time and energy we bring.

The Strategy Development Process included a number of questions applied in conjunction with the DIOLOG™ process, methodology of CASCADE and other influences, and captured within a dashboard framework, led us to focus our time and efforts on the relationships and ‘deliverables’ that are most important for our ‘Business’ for the next 5 years

ESPPRA's Strategic Pillars


We partner with our people for high performance


We use technology to enhance efficiencies


We enhance performance to realize savings


We generate income & model financial discipline

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